Achievers Adventure Camp

At Achievers Adventure Camp, our campsite offers a unique environment with rocky terrain, valleys, mountains, beauty of agro-tourism and lush trees, where individuals are trained using Military-style tactics. It serves as a secure and exceptional retreat for anyone seeking to revamp.

“ Survival Skills & Team Building: The Ultimate Camp Experience ”

What do we deliver?

Curriculum Goals

You can gain a range of abilities that can be valuable in many different sectors of life by undergoing our military-style training camp. You might discover elements like:

  • Basic combat skills and tactics
  • Physical fitness and conditioning
  • Survival and self-defence techniques
  • Leadership and followership principles
  • Teamwork and cooperation in high-pressure environments
  • Discipline and adherence to rules and regulations
  • Navigation and orienteering skills
  • Effective communication and use of military jargon
  • Problem-solving and decision-making under stress

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Vertical Rope Climb

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Leopard Crawl

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Tarzan Swing

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Elevated Wall Jump

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Archery And Firing

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Why Choose Achievers Adventure Camp?

  • Exposure to self-defence training, do it on your own, survival skills and much more training under the guidance of alumni from the Indian Armed Forces training academies.
  • Opportunity to explore various obstacle adventure activities including Horse Riding, Rappelling, Rock Climbing, Zip-cycling, Trekking, River Crossing and more
  • Learning military lifestyle from prominent personalities from the armed forces and society.
  • Student-centric-holistic development, well-rounded personality development along with inculcation of officers-like qualities.
  • By the conclusion of the training, the teams will have a better understanding of their objectives and how they can work together to achieve them.
  • Certificate on completion of training successfully.

“It’s time to Step into the Boots of Heroes”

Agro Tourism

In the first-ever attempt in this region, ACHIEVERS ADVENTURE CAMP is developed to combine and implement the concept of Agro-tourism in our campsite with a unique environment of rocky terrain, valleys, mountains, the beauty of agro-tourism and lush trees, where individuals are trained using Military-style tactics. It serves as a secure and exceptional retreat for anyone seeking to revamp.

We offer a range of plantations, including farms for horticulture, flowers, a variety of birds, animals, and medicinal plants. The local villagers assist with the growth of plants. The natural surroundings and high location have enhanced this emerging industry of agro-tourism with a stunning vista.

In particular, agro-tourism helps farming households by generating additional revenue from visitor stays. Visitors are occasionally inspired to plough fields, have a ride on a bullock cart, learn about how farmers grow, harvest, and prepare grains, and observe them engage in other seasonal activities and local festivals.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Get your backpack ready!

It's advised to wear comfortable, season-appropriate attire. In our pre-camp information packet, we will include specific dress recommendations.

We are a separate organization that is not connected to any one branch of the armed forces. Our instructors, however, often have military experience.

Yes, we give our participants healthy meals and snacks all throughout the day so they have the energy they need for the activities.

We are aware that plans sometimes alter. Please read our terms and conditions, which will include our cancellation and rescheduling policy.

The contact details on our website can be used to get in touch with our team. We are available to address any further inquiries you may have.

Yes, you are allowed to bring your own equipment, but we also supply everything else required for the program.

Veterans and others in the military on active service may be eligible for special discounts. For information on the savings that are offered, please contact us.


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