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ATV stands for all-terrain vehicle. It is a motor-operated vehicle which is used for off-road driving. Various geographical terrains such as forest roads, a closed course, curved mountain roads, and public trails are competent for ATV rides.

ATV is not a regular motor vehicle. Rather, riders use it for recreation and fun. It can also be used for racing, tasks or utilities. On hard terrains that are unsuitable for general cars, ATV comes in handy.

We at ACC provide pleasant and adventurous ATV rides to the participants, which have some mental and physical benefits.

Health Benefits

Physical Fitness :

ATV rides are not as smooth rides as cars. There are many lifts and jumps. ATV rides force us to coordinate among different body parts to hold the balance of the ATV ride. While riding, you have to stretch your muscles on every turn, which makes it stronger. The intake of breath while on an ATV ride is about six times more than usual, which helps to make the lungs stronger and increase endurance and fitness, ultimately helping avoid heart disease.

Relieve Stress :

Riding an ATV is the best device and the most ideal way you can decrease pressure and strain. That is on the grounds that while riding an ATV, you go out into nature and inhale outside air and, in the process, assist you with delivering adrenaline, which causes you to fail to remember everything to feel quiet and appreciated.

Increased Blood Flow and Endurance :

ATV riding significantly increases your heart rate because you have to balance your vehicle. It increases your adrenaline as well as endorphin, which helps you to improve your heart rate.


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