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Achievers Adventure Camp

“Survival Skills & Team Building: The Ultimate Camp Experience”

At Achievers Adventure Camp, our campsite offers a unique environment with rocky terrain, valleys, mountains, beauty of agro-tourism and lush trees, where individuals are trained using Military-style tactics. It serves as a secure and exceptional retreat for anyone seeking to revamp.

Our camp is designed to cater to a diverse audience, including school students seeking aspiration for the National Defence Academy (NDA), college students preparing for their placements, corporates, corporations teams aiming to bolster their group dynamics, and large groups seeking unparalleled camaraderie. In addition to organizing experiential learning & recreational activities, we provide day-out customizable packages suitable for everyone.

AAC's mission is to forge stronger teams, empower individuals, and prepare leaders for the challenges of tomorrow. Join us for a transformative journey where your potential is unleashed, and your success is in step with adventure.

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Our Value

Vision & Mission

Free your spirit, break the chains, Go camp!


To be the premier platform for Military-Style adventure experiences that prioritize physical fitness, provide practical training for real-life situations and offer a range of exhilarating activities. Through our transformative training, we aim to inspire personal growth, instill a sense of discipline, along with experiential learning and forge lasting connections. Our ultimate vision is to create a community of empowered individuals who embody the virtues of courage, teamwork, and unwavering dedication, both in their adventurous pursuits and in their daily lives.



Set in the heart of Central India, our military-themed training camp stands as a unique beacon of personal and collective growth. Our mission is clear: to empower and inspire individuals, teams, and organizations by inculcating leadership qualities with effective tactics at AAC. Through a harmonious blend of adventure and discipline, we aim to forge resilient leaders and cohesive teams. We challenge participants to test their limits, cultivate survival skills, and develop a profound sense of camaraderie.