Agro Tourism

In the first-ever attempt in this region, ACHIEVERS ADVENTURE CAMP is developed to combine and implement the concept of Agro-tourism in our campsite with a unique environment of rocky terrain, valleys, mountains, the beauty of agro-tourism and lush trees, where individuals are trained using Military-style tactics. It serves as a secure and exceptional retreat for anyone seeking to revamp.

We offer a range of plantations, including farms for horticulture, flowers, a variety of birds, animals, and medicinal plants. The local villagers assist with the growth of plants. The natural surroundings and high location have enhanced this emerging industry of agro-tourism with a stunning vista.

In particular, agro-tourism helps farming households by generating additional revenue from visitor stays. Visitors are occasionally inspired to plough fields, have a ride on a bullock cart, learn about how farmers grow, harvest, and prepare grains, and observe them engage in other seasonal activities and local festivals.