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One inseparable part of any camping is the survival drill. It is a kind of practice or exercise that helps participants to be prepared for dangerous emergencies. It involves learning and practising essential survivor skills in critical and challenging circumstances. These drills impart crucial knowledge to participants on how to react and make quick decisions in situations like accidents, disasters or life-threatening events.

Survival drills include fire drills, earthquake drills, and evacuation drills. The primary aim of these exercises is to make people aware of necessary action for their well-being and to learn to utilize emergency resources effectively.


Build Confidence :

Rather than getting panicked, these drills teach us to maintain calm in an emergency, find remedies and follow safety procedures. Due to these survival drills, participants maintain confidence that they can handle situations profoundly and help others.

Reduce Panic :

The first lesson that drills participants receive is not to panic. The major reason for live losses is panic. When participants are calm, they can make wise decisions that will help them to survive along with their fellow participants.

Enhance Preparedness :

When campaigners are trained in survival drills, they understand what the important items or emergency resources they are going to need in critical situations. It helps them to prepare in advance for emergencies. Due to this, we can save time and minimize the losses.


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