Curriculum Goals



Best Adventure Parks in Nagpur
Quarter Guard :

Ensuring security and maintaining discipline for a safe and organized camp environment.


Best Adventure Parks in Nagpur
Amphitheatre :

A dedicated space for captivating performances and engaging entertainment under the open sky.


Best Adventure Parks in Nagpur
Artificial Pond :

Dive into the refreshing waters of our man-made pond and enjoy aquatic activities.


Best Adventure Parks in Nagpur
Tents & Cottage :

Experience the charm of camping in cosy tents or comfortable cottages amidst nature.


Best Adventure Parks in Nagpur
Meditation Hall :

Find tranquillity and inner peace in our serene meditation hall, offering a space for reflection and mindfulness.


Best Adventure Parks in Nagpur
Rappelling Tower :

Conquer your fear of heights as you descend from our purpose-built rappelling tower.


Best Adventure Parks in Nagpur
Premium Tent :

Indulge in luxury camping with our premium tents, offering enhanced comfort and amenities.


Best Adventure Parks in Nagpur
Canvas Tent :

Immerse yourself in the authentic camping experience with our spacious and durable canvas tents.


Best Adventure Parks in Nagpur
Watch Tower, Stores, Water Tank, and Zip Line Watch Tower :

Get a bird's-eye view of the campsite, store essentials, ensure water supply, and oversee the thrilling zip line activity.


Best Adventure Parks in Nagpur
Swimming Pool :

Take a refreshing dip or enjoy recreational activities in our inviting swimming pool.


Best Adventure Parks in Nagpur
Cadet Mess :

A dignified and exclusive dining area where camp leaders and officials gather for meals.


Best Adventure Parks in Nagpur
Club House :

A vibrant hub for socializing, relaxation, and recreational activities for camp participants.


Best Adventure Parks in Nagpur
Obstacle Course :

Test your physical and mental abilities as you navigate through a challenging course designed to build strength and resilience.


Best Adventure Parks in Nagpur
Souvenir Shops :

Browse through a variety of unique mementoes and merchandise to take home as cherished reminders of your camp experience.


Best Adventure Parks in Nagpur
Event Hall :

A versatile and spacious venue for hosting various gatherings, ceremonies, and celebrations.


Best Adventure Parks in Nagpur
Accommodations :

Comfortable and well-equipped lodging options to ensure a restful stay during your adventure-filled camp.

Girl’s Dormitory

Our girl's dormitory offers a safe and welcoming space for female participants to rest, recharge, and form lasting bond Designed with comfort and security in mind, our dormitory provides a nurturing environment where girls can connect, share experiences, and support each other's personal growth. With well-appointed facilities and a focus on privacy, we strive to create a home away from home for our female adventurers.

Boy’s Dormitory

Our boy's dormitory provides a comfortable and camaraderie-driven atmosphere for male participants to relax and recharge. Designed to foster a sense of brotherhood and mutual respect, our dormitory offers well-equipped facilities and ample space for boys to unwind and connect with fellow adventurers. With a focus on privacy and convenience, we aim to create a nurturing environment that encourages personal growth and meaningful connections among our male participants.